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TheCryptoo is an independent news media outlet that brings real-valued journalisms in the world of Cryptocurrency, the blockchain, bitcoin, financial technology and decentralized applications. Our mission is to provide free and worthy latest updates, experts opinions, price analysis, interviews and informative guides that can educate real-world audiences.

Our editorial team maintain certain ethics while producing contents for our daily readers. We are among few media outlets that focus on audience interest rather than revenue. This helps us to stand in the queue of the most trusted and reliable publication in the cryptocurrency and FinTech industry.

We understand the consequences of selective journalism, and therefore, we have a strict policy that can easily distinguish the informative resources and sponsored contents. However, The Cryptoo never endorse the opinion and claims made in the syndicated contents. We always help legitimate and real startups to promote their businesses.

In case, if any company spammed you or caught in fraudulent activities then we request you to contact us immediately to set up an inquiry. Based on our discovery, we assure you to take necessary steps in terminating the business relationship with them.

Our ultimate goal is to set an example of a genuine and trustworthy media publications that power real value to the reader’s knowledge.

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