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Ron Paul on Cryptocurrencies

Ron Paul Says Bad Policies Responsible for Rise in Cryptocurrencies

Bad monetary policies are responsible for the exponential rise in cryptocurrencies, former Congressman from Texas and Presidential candidate Ron Paul said. He particularly points...
Rising Altcoin Demands

Rising Altcoin Demands as Bitcoin Price Stagnates

Altcoins have been surging as bitcoin slipped amid the bitcoin futures launch by CME on December 17. Bitcoin Cash led the rally with 41%...
CME Group Launches Bitcoin Futures

World’s Largest Futures Exchange, CME Group Launches Bitcoin Futures

Early trading could best be described as muted as low trading volumes and a slight pullback in prices marked the commencement of trading on...
Sell Seized Bitcoins

US Government Move to Sell Seized Bitcoins Worth $8.5 Million

A judge in a Utah Federal court has assented to the requests of the US government to sell off more than 513 bitcoins (BTC)...
Boris Titov Bitcoin Legalize

Russian Presidential Candidate Boris Titov Wants To Legalize Bitcoin

Russia’s political scene seems set for a fresh look with the announcement that Boris Titov will be in the presidential race come 2018. Boris is...
bitcoin exchanges frailties

A Big Concern as Frailties Show Up on Bitcoin Exchanges

Even as the Bitcoin market struggles to recover from Thursday’s hack of Slovenia-based Bitcoin mining marketplace NiceHash where about 4,736 Bitcoins (about $64million worth)...
Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin Price Made History, Crossed $13,000 Mark For The First Time

According to average exchange data from Coinmarketcap, Bitcoin price stormed crossed the $13,000 mark at the press time, marking a remarkable week of strong gains...
Indonesia Planning Ban Bitcoin

Indonesia’s Central Bank is Planning To Officially Ban Bitcoin: Report

Indonesia has now joined a growing list of countries adopting a harsh stance on cryptocurrencies with its plan to ban all bitcoin transactions. The...
Japanese Bitcoin Exchanges

Japanese Regulator Licenses Four More Bitcoin Exchanges

Japan has stepped up its drive to maintain its leadership of the Bitcoin exchange market in the Asian region by licensing four new Bitcoin...

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