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Decentralization in the NEO Ecosystem: KPN Voted in as NEO MainNet Consensus Node

Isoe Aera



On Oct. 22nd 2018, the NEO Foundation announced that KPN, a Dutch landline and mobile telecommunications behemoth domiciled in Rotterdam, was officially voted in as a consensus node in the NEO ecosystem.

Previously, the NEO Foundation hosted 6 of the 7 consensus nodes and this announcement is a great boon towards decentralization. Probably, the development could also be the magic behind the future success of the NEO blockchain protocol.

KPN has acted as a consensus node on the NEO TestNet platform for some time and has proved to be a reliable player. Under the TestNet platform, it managed to maintain stable operations which earned it acknowledgement and admiration from the community of users. As a result, the NEO Foundation decided to hold its elections three months prior to the designated time to have the Dutch telecommunications giant voted as a consensus node.

Increasingly, corporations and institutions are realising that blockchain can best thrive in a decentralised environment and, with the latest development, the NEO Foundation has embraced that fact too.

The NEO Foundation has been fervently pursuing decentralization since the MainNet launch on Oct. 17, 2016. For almost two years, the Foundation has been hosting all the consensus nodes on the MainNet but it is now intent on democratizing the election to infuse decentralization.

NEO’s TestNet was developed in November 2015 while the MainNet was launched a year later. There was no major activity towards decentralization in 2017 in the NEO ecosystem.

In January 2018, NEO’s voting algorithm was optimized and, thereby, the road to decentralization was set. In September of the same year, The NEO Foundation voted Swisscom Blockchain as a consensus node. By 2019, the consensus nodes are expected to be democratic.

In July 2018, CityofZion (CoZ), an independent and global group of designers, developers, and translators formed to provide support in the development the NEO ecosystem got a boost in July after it was voted by the NEO Foundation as a consensus node. Three months down the line, there has been another development after KPN was also voted.

The NEO Foundation, in its quest for more decentralization, will continue to charm new partners and enhance the growth of the community. By so doing the foundation will be able to achieve more decentralization.

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Isoe Aera is a cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiast who likes to analyse and write on new developments in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Being a graduate in Economics, Aera loves to study how cryptography disrupts economies.

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