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Revealed: Delaware Helped Arrest Hacker Holding Over $200k in Bitcoin

British Bitcoin hacker

A report from Delawareonline on Oct. 24, 2018 reveals that Delaware played a significant role in the capture of renowned British Hacker Grant West.

Grant West was arrested in May 2018 for undertaking cyber-attacks targeting Britain companies and selling customer’s data on the web. Scotland Yard’s Cyber Crime Unit was able to recover $700,000 worth of Bitcoin.

Scotland Yard’s Cyber Crime Unit undercover officials arrested West while he was travelling first class in a train.

The arrest by the Scotland Yard was a milestone for the reputed investigation unit. It was a breakthrough because it was the first time they had arrested a cybercriminal.

The revelation by Delawareonline uncovers the critical role played by the U.S. Secret Service of Delaware in the capture of West. Almost a year ago, Delaware was pivotal in helping British police to uncover some of the stolen capital. They were able to find an account that had approximately $217,000,000 worth of Bitcoin.

“Delaware for years has been the site of large numbers of government seizures of dollars from the bank accounts of suspected criminals because so many banks keep their central servers in the First State. Now, that has expanded to include bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies”, reported Delawareonline.

The Scandal

The Grant West case dates back to 2015. West, 26, attacked over 100 websites worldwide. He engaged in “phishing” scam emails to customers and was able to extract critical financial details of customers. He was able to transact 47,000 data sales through the dark web.

In a prior report of the Delawareonline, West is reputed to have been very clandestine in his operations. He covered all his tracks of stolen money in bitcoins and went further to spread the bitcoins into multiple wallets. British authorities had to apprehend his computer to access further information on his dealings. Expectedly, the authorities established that the device had information which they used to gain access to the stolen funds.

West had managed to steal private information of close to 165,000 people and specifics of from 63,000 different payment cards. West’s most exceptional and notable scam was “phishing” emails from an online food store Just Eat. BBC reports that the judge hearing the case described it as “a one-man cybercrime wave.” His efforts enabled him to accrue over $2 million worth of cryptocurrency.

West was sentenced for ten years and eight months for his criminal activities.

Emerging Trend

In 2018, reports of criminals apprehended in the cryptocurrency ecosystem have made headlines.

Australian Police recently arrested a woman in New South Wales for allegedly stealing more than over 100,000 units of Ripple. The arrest comes after a 10-month investigation on the theft of the crypto from the electronic account of 56-year-old man.

In August 2018, Chinese police arrested three suspected hackers whom they alleged to have cryptocurrencies worth $87 million.

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